Mambo's Tail is an inspiring story about a dog's discovery about the magic of his tail and all that it could do! 

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A magical book for animal lovers ~ young and old!

The book becomes a reality and is published!

This is Mambo after which the story was created

Mambo's Tail is a story written about the author's, first dog, Mambo. Jodie Boulet-Daughters loved and observed Mambo over the years and in 2010 began journaling about the varied movements of his tail and what they might mean.  With the encouragement of her husband, Tom, Jodie put pen to paper and Mambo's Tail became a book reality in 2012!  
The creation of the book was a family affair, with Jodie's mother, Jo Boulet, painting the beautiful illustrations.  

Jodie's brother, Jayson Boulet provided his expertise with the book layout and design.


Mambo's Tail: A Dog's discovery about the magic of his tail

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